Cam service Cam service

                             Panels are required in order to save setup time and provide efficient usage of materials. So step & repeat of boards are created on one large panel. Thieving bars and venting patterns are added around the boards with Test coupons inserted in specific locations. Also Mounting holes, optical targets (fiducial) are added of various production machines. Text and logos are added for easy identification of the board.



Panelization of PCB

 Penalization activity generally includes the following; however, this can be  changed to  each customer's requirements:

  • Modify / Generate drill layer as per customer specific    tolerances.
  • Etch compensation to electrical  layers as per customer specific requirements.
  • Perform DRC as per customer specific parameters.
  • Repair DRC errors as per customer specific guidelines.
  • Slivers, acid traps and pin hole elimination.
  • Repair / generate solder-mask layer.          
  • Perform silk screen (Legend) clippings.
  • Create route file.


Cam service for PCB

  • Complete Penalization Package
  • Customized venting pattern
  • Layer identification
  • Step and Repeat
  • Tooling targets
  • Compensation for lamination shrinkage

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Pre-engineering of gerber data for pcb


                                Pre-Engineering activity generally includes the following; however, this can be   modified as per customer's requirements:

  • Read customer supplied electronics data (Gerber files, drawings, etc.) in any standards format.
  • Align all layers.
  • Re-name layers as per pre-determined naming standards
  • Draw to flash pad conversions.
  • Contour draw or filled areas.
  • Prepare any other customer specific reports.
  • Output data gerber, or any other customer specific format.